Δελτίο 175 - 30 Μάη 2010j

  • Cyber Challenge: 10,000 Security Warriors Wanted Campus Technology (05/14/10), D. Schaffhauser
  • Ultra-Secure Quantum Communications, University of New South Wales (05/20/10), P. Trute
  • Scientist Infects Himself With Computer Virus, Financial Times (05/26/10), M. Palmer
  • Major Step Ahead for Cryptography, University of Bristol News (05/26/10), J. Fryer
  • DARPA Builds Cyber Range to Test Security Measures, Government Computer News (05/24/10), B. Rosenberg
  • Microsoft Researchers Propose Privacy Sensor 'Widget', Dark Reading (05/25/10), Κ. Jackson Higgins

Δελτίο 174 - 15 Μάη 2010j

  • India's Electronic Voting Machines Are Vulnerable to Attack, University of Michigan News Service (04/28/10), N. Moore
  • Computer Experts Tackle Privacy, Security Policy Issues at CFP 2010 ACM (04/29/10)
  • Attack Makes Chips More Reliable, BC News (04/26/10), M. Ward
  • EU Security Agency Backs Cloud Computing Research, V3.co.uk (04/29/10), P. Muncaster
  • UK Competition Aims to Find Future Cyber-Security Experts, Tech Watch (UK) (04/29/10), D. Allan
  • Computer Science Shows How 'Twitter-Bombs' Wield Influence Wellesley College (05/03/10), Α. Corday
  • Improved Online Security for a Tenth of the Cost University of Hertfordshire (05/11/10)
  • 'Tamper Evident' CPU Warns of Malicious Backdoors, The Register (UK) (05/12/10), D. Goodin
  • US Struggles to Ward Off Evolving Cyber Threat, Reuters (05/12/10), P. Stewart; J. Wolf

Δελτίο 173 - 30 Απρίλη 2010j

  • Scientists Work to Keep Hackers Out of Implanted Medical Devices, CNN (04/16/10), J. Sutter
  • Researcher Aims to Secure RFID Tags,IDG News Service (04/16/10), N. Barber
  • Keeping Medical Data Private, Technology Review (04/13/10), K. Gammon
  • Cyberattack on Google Said to Hit Password System, New York Times (04/19/10), J. Markoff
  • Secure P2P Scheme Leverages Social Networks, InformationWeek (04/19/10), T. Claburn
  • Pentagon Turns to 'Softer' Sciences, Nature (04/14/10), S. Weinberger
  • Random, But Not By Accident: Quantum Mechanics and Data Encryption, UM Newsdesk (04/13/10), L. Tune
  • Quantum Cryptography Hits the Fast Lane, ScienceNOW (04/19/10), Α. Cho
  • Spammers Pay Others to Answer Security Tests, New York Times (04/25/10), V. Bajaj
  • Tracking Criminal Data Centers, Technology Review (04/23/10), E. Naone
  • NSA's Boot Camp for Cyberdefense, CNet (04/22/10), D. Terdiman
  • New Research Offers Security for Virtualization, Cloud Computing, NCSU News (04/27/10), Μ. Shipman

Δελτίο 172 - 10 Απρίλη 2010j

  • Security Researchers Hacked iPhone, University of Luxembourg (03/25/10)
  • Feds Developing Cloud Security Program, InformationWeek (03/31/10), Ν. Hoover
  • Tubingen Computer Scientists Develop a Comfortable and Secure Login Method
    AlphaGalileo (03/29/10)
  • After Google-China Dust-Up, Cyberwar Emerges as a Threat, Computerworld (04/07/10), J. Vijayan
  • Researchers Trace Data Theft to Intruders in China, New York Times (04/05/10), J. Markoff; D. Barboza; V. Bajaj
  • Steganography Discovery Could Help Data Thieves, But Also Improve Radar, Sonograms, Network World (04/09/10), Τ. Greene
  • Battling Botnets With an Awesome OS, University of Illinois at Chicago (04/08/10), P Francuch
  • Exposing Hackers as an International Deterrent, Technology Review (04/13/10), D. Talbot

Δελτίο 171 - 30 Μάρτη 2010j

  • Malicious Systems of a Feather Flock Together, Government Computer News (03/11/10), W. Jackson
  • How Privacy Vanishes Online, New York Times (03/16/10), S. Lohr
  • Dismantling of Saudi-CIA Web Site Illustrates Need for Clearer Cyberwar Policies, Washington Post (03/19/10) P. A1; E. Nakashima; D. Priest; K. DeYoung
  • Cyber Warriors, The Atlantic (03/10) Vol. 305, No. 2, P. 58; J. Fallows
  • Legislators Propose International Cybercrime Cooperation Laws-With Teeth, Dark Reading (03/23/10), Τ. Wilson
  • Funding for WWII Code-Breaking Centre Bletchley Park, Times Online (United Kingdom) (03/26/10), Η. Devlin
  • Laser Security for the Internet, American Friends of Tel Aviv University (03/23/10)
  • Academic Paper in China Sets Off Alarms in US, New York Times (03/20/10), J. Markoff; D. Barboza
  • New Spam Targeting Facebook Users Is Invisible to Most Virus Scans, Says UAB Expert, University of Alabama at Birmingham (03/18/10), A. Reiber
  • Cyberattacks Are 'Existential Threat' to US, FBI Says, Computerworld (03/24/10), P. Thibodeau

Δελτίο 170 - 15 Μάρτη 2010j

  • How to Spot Suspicious VoIP Signals, Technology Review (02/25/10)
  • In Networks We Trust, ICT Results (02/24/10)
  • The Safe Way to Use One Internet Password, Queensland University of Technology (02/25/10), R. Wilson
  • GPS Vulnerable to Hacker Attacks, BBC News (02/23/10), J. Palmer
  • US Plan to Make Hacking Harder Revealed, Financial Times (03/03/10) P. 4; J. Menn
  • Software Sniffs Out Criminals By the Shape of Their Nose, University of Bath (03/02/10), V. Just
  • Researchers Find Weakness in Common Digital Security System, University of Michigan News Service (03/03/10), N. C. Moore
  • Feds Weigh Expansion of Internet Monitoring, CNet (03/04/10), D. McCullagh
  • The Next Secure Hash Algorithm Had Better Be a Good One, Government Computer News (03/03/10), W. Jackson
  • NC State Research Advances Voice Security Technology, North Carolina State University (03/08/10), Μ. Shipman
  • China Leads the World in Hacked Computers, McAfee Study Says Washington Post (02/15/10) P. A3; Ε. Nakashima

Δελτίο 169 - 28 Φλεβάρη 2010j

  • War Game Reveals U.S. Lacks Cyber-Crisis Skills Washington Post (02/17/10) P. A3; Ε. Nakashima
  • China Leads the World in Hacked Computers, McAfee Study Says Washington Post (02/15/10) P. A3; Ε. Nakashima
  • Hold Vendors Liable for Buggy Software, Security Experts Say InfoWorld (02/12/10), J. Vijayan
  • Researchers Find Huge Weakness in European Payment Cards IDG News Service (02/12/10), J. Kirk
  • Battling Zombies, Botnets and Torpig University of Calgary (02/17/10)
  • USB Fingerprints Identify 'Pod Slurping' Data Thieves New Scientist (02/16/10), P. Marks
  • Experts Warn of Catastrophe From Cyberattacks CNet (02/23/10), Ε. Mills
  • Stopping Stealthy Downloads Technology Review (02/22/10), Β. Krebs
  • Rutgers Researchers Show New Security Threat Against 'Smart Phone' Users Rutgers University (02/22/10), C. Blesch

Δελτίο 168 - 15 Φλεβάρη 2010j

  • Hacking for Fun and Profit in China Underworld New York Times (02/02/10), D. Barboza
  • Google to Enlist NSA to Help It Ward Off Cyberattacks Washington Post (02/04/10) P. A1; E. Nakashima
  • Code Defends Against "Stealthy" Computer Worms Penn State Live (02/01/10), A. Messer
  • US Oil Industry Hit by Cyberattacks: Was China Involved? Christian Science Monitor (01/25/10), M. Clayton
  • 'Rugged' Initiative Brings Secure Software Development to the Masses DarkReading (02/05/10), K. J. Higgins
  • Secure Radio Signal for Central Locking Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft (02/10)
  • In Cyber War, Most of U.S. Must Defend Itself Defense News (02/01/10) Vol. 25, No. 5, P. 29; W. Matthews
  • China Alarmed by Security Threat From Internet New York Times (02/11/10), S. LaFraniere, J. Ansfield, J. Markoff
  • Federal Government Builds Secret Database to Fight Cyber-Terrorism Computerworld Australia (02/11/10), D. Pauli

Δελτίο 167 - 30 Γενάρη 2010j

  • Cryptographic Showdown, Round 2: NIST Picks 14 Hash Algorithms Government Computer News (01/05/10), W. Jackson
  • Google Threatens to Leave China After Attacks on Activists' E-mail,Washington Post (01/13/10) P. A1; E. Nakashima, S. Mufson, J.Pomfret, et al.
  • Fixing a Hole in the Web,Technology Review (01/12/10), E. Naone
  • Companies Fight Endless War Against Computer Attacks,New York Times (01/17/10), S. Lohr
  • Today's Threat: Computer Network Terrorism,University of Haifa (01/17/10)
  • Hillary Clinton Calls for Web Freedom, Demands China Investigate Google Attack,Washington Post (01/22/10), C. Kang
  • Clarkson University Professor's Software to Test Cybersecurity Systems for Flaws,Clarkson University News (01/25/10), Μ. Griffin
  • Survey of Executives Finds a Growing Fear of Cyberattacks New York Times (01/28/10), J. Markoff
  • Researchers Criticize 3D Secure Credit Card Authentication Heise Online (United Kingdom) (01/26/10)
  • e-Passports Threaten Your Privacy University of Birmingham (01/19/10), K. Chapple

Δελτίο 166 - 10 Γενάρη 2010j

  • Cellphone Encryption Code Is Divulged, New York Times (12/29/09) P. B3; K. O'Brien
  • Moving Video to "CAPTCHA" Robot Hackers, American Friends of Tel Aviv University (12/29/09)
  • Q&A: Researcher Karsten Nohl on Mobile Eavesdropping, CNet (01/01/10), Ε. Mills
  • K-State Computer Scientists Developing Techniques to Strengthen the Security of Information Systems for Health Care, Military
  • Data Kansas State University News (01/05/10), J. Hatcliff pentagon Computer-Network Defense Command Delayed by Congressional Concerns Washington Post (01/03/10), E. Nakashima
  • Airline Security: The Technical Task of Connecting Dots, InformationWeek (01/07/10), J. Foley