Δελτίο 165 - 30 Δεκέμβρη 2009j

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  • Carnegie Mellon Researcher Says Privacy Concerns Could Limit Benefits From Real-Time Data Analysis, Carnegie Mellon News (12/17/09), Β. Spice
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Δελτίο 164 - 5 Δεκέμβρη 2009j

  • Trust Linux! ICT Results (11/20/09)
  • 'Fingerprinting' RFID Tags: Researchers Develop Anti-Counterfeiting Technology, University of Arkansas (11/19/09), Μ. McGowan
  • Building Real Security With Virtual Worlds, University of Maryland (11/26/09), N. Tickner
  • Proper Use of English Could Get a Virus Past Security, New Scientist (11/27/09), R. Blincoe
  • University Unites Industry, Gov to Tighten Energy Sector Cybersecurity, NextGov.com (11/24/09), J. Aitoro
  • Research Group to Tackle Cybersecurity, InfoWorld (12/01/09), G. Gross

Δελτίο 163 - 25 Νοέμβρη 2009j

  • Researchers Develop a Facial Biometrics System Capable of Creating a Facial DNI, Carlos III University of Madrid (Spain) (11/04/09)
  • Is AES Encryption Crackable?, TechNewsWorld (11/03/09), J. Germain
  • Rutgers Computer Scientists Work to Strengthen Online Security, Rutgers University (11/09/09), C. Blesch
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  • Hackers Create Tools for Disaster Relief, CNet (11/15/09), Ε. Mills
  • Are Nations Paying Criminals for Botnet Attacks?, Network World (11/17/09), Ε. Messmer

Δελτίο 162 - 10 Νοέμβρη 2009j

  • Scan of Internet Uncovers Thousands of Vulnerable Embedded Devices, Wired News (10/23/09), Κ. Zetter
  • In Industry First, Voting Machine Company to Publish Source Code, Wired News (10/27/09), Κ. Zetter
  • Thwarting Cyber Criminal, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (10/30/09)
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  • A New System Preserves the Right to Privacy in Internet Searches, Platforma SINC (11/05/09)
  • Prototype Security Software Blocks DDoS Attacks, Network World (10/05/09), Τ. Greene

Δελτίο 161 - 30 Οκτώβρη 2009j

  • Prototype Security Software Blocks DDoS Attacks, Network World (10/05/09), Τ. Greene
  • Household Robots Do Not Protect Users' Security and Privacy, Researchers Say, UW News (10/08/09), H. Hickey
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  • Field Experiment on a Robust Hierarchical Metropolitan Quantum Cryptography Network, Science in China Press (10/16/09), H. ZhengFu
  • NSF's Cyber-Network Now Expands Across the Northern Hemisphere and Connects Half the Globe, National Science Foundation (10/14/09), L.-J. Zgorski
  • Vulnerability Seen in Amazon's Cloud-Computing, Technology Review (10/23/09), D. Talbot
  • To Protect Your Privacy, Hand Over Your Data, New Scientist (10/22/09), V. Venkatraman

Δελτίο 160 - 10 Οκτώβρη 2009j

  • Code Breakthrough Delivers Safer Computing
  • New Digital Security Program Doesn't Protect as Promised
  • Researchers Hijack a Drive-By Botnet

Δελτίο 159 - 29 Σεπτεμβρίου 2009j

  • Machines Can't Replicate Human Image Recognition--Yet, Penn State Live (09/09/09), J. Spinelle
  • AFOSR Funds Super-Fast, Secure Computing, Air Force Print News (DC) (09/08/09), M. Callier
  • Surveillance Software Solves Security Snag, University of Adelaide (09/14/09), C. Gibson
  • EU Funding 'Orwellian' Artificial Intelligence Plan to Monitor Public for 'Abnormal Be­ha­vior', Telegraph.co.uk (09/19/09), I. Johnston
  • Controlling the Language of Security, Science Centric (09/19/09)
  • UK's Centre for Cyber-Security Opens at Queen's, Queen's University Belfast (09/23/09), L. McElroy
  • Ants vs. Worms: Computer Security Mimics Nature, Wake Forest University (09/21/09), E. Frazier

Δελτίο 158 - 15 Σεπτεμβρίου 2009j

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  • Still Trying to Crack Nazi Enigma Messages, Network World (08/31/09), B. Brown
  • Privacy Plug-In Fakes Out Facebook,Technology Review (09/09/09), R. Lemos
  • Researchers Find a New Way to Attack the Cloud, IDG News Service (09/03/09), R. McMillan
  • ACM Statement Regarding British Prime Minister Gordon Brown's Apology on the Treat­ment of Alan Turing, ACM (09/11/09), W. Hall
  • A Turing Test for Computer Game Bots, Technology Review (09/10/09), D. Kushner
  • Stimulus Funds to Further Cyber Security Research, Penn State Live (09/08/09), J. Spinelle

Δελτίο 157 - 31 Αυγούστου 2009j

  • Hackers Stole IDs for Attacks, Wall Street Journal (08/17/09), S. Gorman
  • Internet 'Immune System' Could Block Viruses, New Scientist (08/12/09)
  • Web Tools Help Protect Human Rights Activists, Reuters (08/19/09), J. Finkle
  • NSF Defers to Universities on Ethical Standards, Chronicle of Higher Education (08/20/09), P. Basken
  • Online Social Networks Leak Personal Information to Third-Party Tracking Sites, Worcester Polytechnic Institute (08/24/09), Μ. Dorsey
  • Defying Experts, Rogue Computer Code Still Lurks, New York Times (08/26/09), J. Markoff
  • New Attack Cracks Common Wi-Fi Encryption in a Minute, IDG News Service (08/27/09), R. McMillan

Δελτίο 156 - 17 Αυγούστου 2009j

  • Halted '03 Iraq Plan Illustrates U.S. Fear of Cyberwar Risk, The New York Times (08/01/09), J. Markoff; T. Shanker
  • A Police Woman Fights Quantum Hacking and Cracking, American Friends of Tel Aviv University (07/30/09)
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  • US Web-Tracking Plan Stirs Privacy Fears, Washington Post (08/11/09) P. A2; S. Hsu; C. Kang
  • Napolitano: Cybersecurity Issues Remain Unresolved, CongressDaily (08/04/09), C. Strohm
  • Microsoft Team Traces Malicious Users, Technology Review (08/13/09), R. Lemos

Δελτίο 155 - 30 Ιουλίου 2009j

  • Catching Spammers in the Act, Technology Review (07/15/09), R. Lemos
  • Web's Anonymity Makes Cyberattack Hard to Trace, New York Times (07/17/09) P. A5; J. Markoff
  • Argonne Develops Program for Cyber Security 'Neighborhood Watch, Argonne National Laboratory (07/16/09), B. Cooper
  • Algorithms to Stop Net Threats, Australian IT (07/15/09), J. Foreshew
  • Touch Typists Could Help Stop Spammers in Their Tracks, Newcastle University (07/14/09)
  • New Technology to Make Digital Data Self-Destruct, New York Times (07/20/09), J. Markoff
  • Trust But Verify: Security Risks Abound in the IT Supply Chain, Government Computer News (07/17/09)
  • Government Is Falling Behind on Cybersecurity, Report Finds, Washington Post (07/23/09) P. A19; J. Davidson
  • New Software Helps Us Understand How Viruses Evolve, University of Southampton (ECS) (07/23/09)
  • A Contest to Train Cyber Combatants, Technology Review (07/24/09), R. Lemos
  • DNS Security, Net Neutrality Up for Debate at IETF Meeting, Network World (07/22/09), C. Marsan
  • Can Computers Decipher a 5,000-Year-Old Language? Smithsonian.com (07/20/09), D. Zax
  • Researchers Try to Stalk Botnets Used by Hackers, New York Times (07/27/09), J. Markoff
  • Clarkson Project Will Protect Cyberspace, Watertown Daily Times (NY) (07/22/09), A. Jacobs

Δελτίο 154 - 15 Ιουλίου 2009j

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  • Cybersecurity Plan to Involve NSA, Telecoms, The Washington Post (07/03/09) P. A1; E. Nakashima; S. Hsu; C. Johnson
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  • Weakness in Social Security Numbers Is Found, The New York Times (07/06/09), J. Markoff
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  • South Korean Web Sites Are Hobbled in New Round of Attacks, The Washington Post (07/10/09) P. A14; Β. Harden
  • Researchers Help Set Security Standards for the Internet, Dartmouth News (07/07/09), S. Knapp
  • The Next Hacking Frontier: Your Brain?, Wired News (07/09/09), H. Leggett
  • IBM Security Software Masks Confidential Info, Network World (07/09/09), M. Cooney

Δελτίο 153 - 30 Ιουνίου 2009j

  • Iran's Web Spying Aided By Western Technology, Wall Street Journal (06/22/09) P. A1, C. Rhoads, L. Chao
  • Cell Phones That Listen and Learn, Technology Review (06/22/09), K. Grifantini
  • NTSB to Look at Possible Computer Role in D.C. Crash, Computerworld (06/23/09), P. Thibodeau
  • House S&T Committee Discusses Cyberspace Policy Review Report With Federal, Agen­cies, Computing Research Association (06/19/09), N. Gandomi
  • IBM Claims Privacy Breakthrough for Cloud, Data, InternetNews.com (06/25/09), A. Goldman
  • Iranian Protesters Avoid Censorship With Navy Technology, Washington Times (06/26/09), E. Lake
  • Community Colleges Mobilize to Train Cybersecurity Workers, Chronicle of Higher Education (06/26/09) Vol. 55, No. 40, P. A17, M. Parry
  • Scars, Marks, and Tattoos: A Soft Biometric for Identifying Suspects and Victims, SPIE (06/15/09), A. Jain, J.-E. Lee

Δελτίο 152 - 21 Ιουνίου 2009j

  • China Dominates NSA-Backed Coding Contest, Computerworld (06/08/09), P. Thibodeau
  • Is the Hacking Threat to National Security Overblown?, Wired News (06/03/09), R. Singel
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  • E-Mail Surveillance Renews Concerns in Congress, New York Times (06/16/09), J. Risen, Ε. Lichtblau
  • Navy Wants Proposals on Cyber Research, Federal Computer Week (06/15/09), Β. Bain
  • China Intent on Requiring Internet Censor Software, New York Times (06/19/09) P. A8, E. Wong, A. Vance

Δελτίο 151 - 10 Ιουνίου 2009j

  • Obama Outlines Coordinated Cyber-Security Plan, New York Times (05/29/09), D. Sanger; J. Markoff
  • EU Security Agency Warns on European Network Resilience, VNUNet (05/28/09), D. Bailey
  • When the Country Called: How a Team of Academic Experts Contributed to the President's Cyberspace Review, National Science Foundation (05/29/09), M. Zacharias
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  • Is Internet Voting Safe? Vote Here, Wired News (06/04/09), Κ. Poulsen
  • Study: Web Trackers Systematically Compromise Users' Privacy, Dark Reading (06/03/09), T. Wilson
  • Obama Administration Begins Work on Cybersecurity R&D, NextGov.com (06/03/09), A. Noyes

Δελτίο 150 - 30 Μάη 2009j

  • EC Wants Software Makers Held Liable for Code, ZDNet UK (05/08/09), Τ. Espiner
  • Cadets Trade the Trenches for Firewalls, New York Times (05/11/09) P. A1, C. Kilgannon, Ν. Cohen
  • Does Anti-Piracy Software on Video Games Open Security Risks on Users' Computers, University of Michigan News Service (05/04/09), N. C. Moore
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  • Is the U.S. Ready for Government-Sponsored Cyberattacks?, Network World (05/12/09), E. Messmer
  • Are Your 'Secret Questions' Too Easily Answered?, Technology Review (05/18/09), R. Lemos
  • ICANN: Apply Public Health Response Model to E-Security, IDG News Service (05/18/09), J. Gliddon
  • Viral Epidemics Poised to Go Mobile, National Science Foundation (05/21/09), L. van Pay; D. Cruikshank
  • Pentagon Plans New Arm to Wage Computer Wars, New York Times (05/29/09) P. A1, D. Sanger, T. Shanker

Δελτίο 149 - 24 Μάη 2009j

  • Cadets Trade the Trenches for Firewalls, New York Times (05/11/09), P. A1, C. Kilgannon, N. Cohen
  • Does Anti-Piracy Software on Video Games Open Security Risk on Users' Computer, University of Michigan News Service (05/04/09), N. C Moore
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  • ICANN: Apply Public Health Response Model to E-Security, IDG News Service (05/18/09), J. Gliddon

Δελτίο 148 - 10 Μάη 2009j

  • Panel Advises Clarifying US Plans on Cyberwar, New York Times (04/30/09) P. A18; J. Markoff; T. Shanker
  • Software: The Eternal Battlefield in the Unending Cyberwars, Computerworld (04/27/09), G. Anthes
  • Computer Hackers R.I.P. - Making Quantum Cryptography Practical, Institute of Physics (30/04/09)
  • Cyber-Command May Help Protect Civilian Networks, Washington Post (05/06/09) P. A4; E. Nakashima
  • Unmasking Social-Network Users, Technology Review (05/06/09), E. Naone
  • How Hackers Can Steal Secrets From Reflections, Scientific American (04/27/09), W. Gibbs
  • Examining Social Networking for Terrorists to Find People Behind Terrorist Attacks, Inderscience Publishers (05/05/09)
  • Researchers Take Over Dangerous Botnet, Dark Reading (05/04/09), K. Jackson-Higgins

Δελτίο 147 - 30 Απρίλη 2009j

  • Hathaway Advocates for Direct White House Role on Cybersecurity,Computerworld (04/23/09), J. Vijayan
  • Carnegie Mellon Computer Scientists Develop Method for Verifying Safety of Computer-Controlled Devices, Carnegie Mellon News (04/20/09), B. Spice
  • US Steps Up Effort on Digital Defenses, New York Times (04/27/09), D. Sanger; J. Markoff; Τ. Shanker
  • Europe Funds Secure Operating System Research, IDG News Service (04/27/09), J. Kirk
  • Clandestine Defense Hub Prepares to Open at UM, Baltimore Sun (04/28/09), D. Wood

Δελτίο 146 - 23 Απρίλη 2009j

  • Our Ears May Have Built-In Passwords, New Scientist (04/13/09), P. Marks
  • Implementation Plan for Voting System Requirements Set,Government Computer News (04/07/09), W. Jackson
  • UCL Study: Natural 'Barcodes' Help Us Recognise Faces, UCL News (04/04/09)
  • Control of Cybersecurity Becomes Divisive Issue,New York Times (04/17/09) P. A16; J. Risen; E. Lichtblau
  • Eyeball Spy Turns the Tables on Big Brother, New Scientist (04/14/09), P. Marks
  • Innovation: Harnessing Spammers to Advance AI, New Scientist (04/17/09), C.Barras
  • Software Improves P2P Privacy By Hiding in the Crowd, Northwestern University News Center (04/08/09)
  • Study: People Manage Their Privacy on Facebook Naturally, Helsinki Institute for Information Technology (04/20/09) Noronen, Visa
  • Dialect Detectives, MIT News (04/16/09), D. Ryan
  • Once Smartphones Become Truly Common, So Will the Viruses That Attack Them, Northeastern University News (04/14/09), R. Nyul

Δελτίο 145 - 15 Απρίλη 2009j

  • Vast Spy System Loots Computers in 103 Countries, New York Times (03/29/09), J. Markoff
  • Experts See Early Activity From the Conficker Worm, New York Times (04/01/09) P. A14; J. Markoff
  • Intruder Alert: TAU's 'Smart Dew' Will Find You! American Friends of Tel Aviv University (03/26/09)
  • Advances in Data Safety Drawing Wider Attention, University of Texas at Dallas (03/25/09), D. Moore
  • Senate Legislation Would Federalize Cybersecurity, The Washington Post (04/01/09), J. Warrick; W. Pincus
  • Purdue, Rutgers Will Lead $30 Million U.S. Homeland Security Research Center, Purdue University News (04/02/09), F. Fiorini
  • French Lawmakers Reject Internet Piracy Bill, Associated Press (04/09/09), S. Sayare
  • Researchers Enhance Spam Call Filtering, Helsinki University of Technology (04/02/09)
  • Should Online Scofflaws Be Denied Web Access? New York Times (04/13/09) P. B4; Ε. Pfanner
  • Cyber Spying a Threat, and Everyone Is in on It, Associated Press (04/09/09), P. Haven
  • A New Technology to Secure Integrated Systems and Circuits, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (04/02/09), L. Louis

Δελτίο 144 - 30 Μάρτη 2009j

  • Noise Could Mask Web Searchers' IDs, New Scientist (03/07/09), P. Marks
  • NIST Suggests Areas for Further Security Metrics Research, Government Computer News (03/09/09), W. Jackson
  • Berners-Lee: Semantic Web Will Have Privacy Built-In, ZDNet UK (03/12/09), T. Espiner
  • Many See Privacy on Web as Big Issue, Survey Says, New York Times (03/16/09) P. B5; S. Clifford
  • Researchers: Cheap Scanners Can 'Fingerprint' Paper, IDG News Service (03/09/09), R. McMillan
  • Sending Out Internet Warnings for Outages, Viruses, Science Daily (03/16/09)
  • Cyberattack Mapping Could Alter Security Defense Strategy, SearchSecurity.com (03/10/09), Α. Howard
  • White House Cyber Adviser--More Questions Than Answers, CNet (03/26/09), S. Condon
  • Survey Suggests Economy Could Lead to Cybercrime Increase, Purdue University News (03/18/09), J. Bush
  • Scholarship Program Targets Need for Cybersecurity Skills, Government Computer News (03/23/09), R. Walker
  • Improving the Security of Internet Exchanges, National Center for Scientific Research (France) (03/13/09), C. Le Poulennec
  • Experts See Shortfall in Cybersecurity Research, InternetNews.com (03/19/09), K. Corbin
  • Diebold Admits Systemic Audit Log Failure; State Vows Inquiry, Wired News (03/17/09), Z. Zetter
  • Safer Net Surfing Is Goal of NIST Domain Name Security Experts, NIST Tech Beat (03/10/09), E. Brown

Δελτίο 143 - 15 Μάρτη 2009j

  • Computer Scientists Deploy First Practical Web-Based Secure, Verifiable Voting Sys­tem, Harvard University (03/05/09), M. Rutter
  • Fight Over Internet Filtering Has a Test Run in Europe New York Times (03/09/09) P. B7; K. O'Brien
  • A Struggle Over US Cybersecurity Washington Post (03/10/09) P. A11; B. Krebs

Δελτίο 142 - 5 Μάρτη 2009j

  • Obama Taps Bush Aide Melissa Hathaway to Review Federal Cybersecurity Efforts Computerworld (02/09/09), J. Vijayan
  • P2P Networks Rife With Sensitive Health Care Data, Researcher Warns Computerworld (01/30/09), J. Vijayan
  • Sensors Help Keep the Elderly Safe, and at Home New York Times (02/13/09) P. A1; J. Leland
  • Microsoft Announces $250,000 Conficker Worm Bounty Network World (02/12/09), H. Messmer
  • Sniffing Out Illicit BitTorrent Files Technology Review (02/12/09), D. Graham-Rowe
  • Proposed Law Might Make Wi-Fi Users Help CopsIDG News Service (02/20/09), S. Lawson
  • Does Better Security Depend on a Better Internet?Computing Community Consortium (02/21/09), P. Lee
  • For a Poisoned Internet, No Quick Fix Forbes (02/19/09), A. Greenberg
  • Improved Sensor Technology Could Someday Keep Tabs on Terrorists by Remote Con­t­rol, Rochester Institute of Technology (02/12/09), S. Gawlowicz
  • Researchers Say Gazelle Browser Offers Better Security Campus Technology (02/26/09), K. Mackie
  • Report From Dartmouth's Institute for Information Infrastructure Protection (I3P) Ma­kes Cyber Security Research Recommendations, Dartmouth News (02/19/09), S. Knapp
  • US Spy Agency May Get More Cybersecurity Duties Reuters (02/26/09), R. Mikkelsen
  • Aussie Govt Considers Quantum Leap in Secure Comms Computerworld Australia (03/03/09), D. Pauli
  • Report: Diebold Voting System Has 'Delete' Button for Erasing Audit Logs Wired News (03/03/09), K. Zetter
  • Cards on the Table: Low-Cost Tool Spots Software Security Flaws During Develop­ment Process, NCSU News (02/25/09), M. Shipman
  • This Internet Fix Is No Pipe Dream InfoWorld (02/27/09), R. Grimes

Δελτίο 141 - 12 Φλεβάρη 2009 j

  • With Economic Slump, Concerns Rise Over Data Theft, IDG News Service (01/29/09), R. McMillan
  • Obama Unveils Cyber-security Agenda, NextGov.com (01/23/09), G. Nagesh
  • Fighting Malware: An Interview With Paul Ferguson, InfoWorld (01/23/09), R. Grimes
  • Fighting Tomorrow's Hackers, American Friends of Tel Aviv University (02/05/09)
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  • RFID's Security Problem, Technology Review (02/09) Vol. 112, No. 1, P. 72; E. Naone

Δελτίο 140 - 30 Γενάρη 2009 j

  • Group Details 25 Most Dangerous Coding Errors Hackers Exploit, Computerworld (01/12/09), J. Vijayan
  • Voting Machine Audit Logs Raise More Questions About Lost Votes in CA Election, Wired News (01/13/09), K. Zetter
  • Government Spends Over $30 Million to Sharpen Cyber Security Saber, Network World (01/09/09)
  • DECT Cordless Phones No Longer Secure, Network World Canada (01/07/09), P. Judge; G. Meckbach
  • Keeping Information Safe From Digital Spies, Daily Bruin (01/08/09), S. Bui
  • US Plots Major Upgrade to Internet Router Security, Network World (01/15/09), C. D. Marsan
  • Low-Cost Strategy Developed for Curbing Computer Worms, UC Davis News & Information (01/14/09), L. Greensfelder
  • Let the Cracking Begin, Government Computer News (01/12/09), W. Jackson
  • Rice University Software Helps ID Terrorists Carrying Out Attacks, Rice University (01/12/09), F. Brotzen
  • Worm Infects Millions of Computers Worldwide, New York Times (01/23/09), J. Markoff
  • Building a Better Spam-Blocking CAPTCHA, Computerworld (01/23/09), S. Vaughan-Nichols
  • Advocates Worry Electronic Voting Allows Fraud, Medill Reports (01/21/09), J. Barker
  • A Tool to Verify Digital Records, Even as Technology Shifts, New York Times (01/27/09) P. D3; J. Markoff
  • ICANN Ponders Ways to Stop Scammy Web Sites, IDG News Service (01/27/09), J. Kirk

Δελτίο 139 - 14 Γενάρη 2009 j

  • Experts Uncover Weakness in Internet Security, Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (12/30/08), F. Luy
  • The 9 Hottest Skills for 2009, Computerworld (12/30/08), T. Hoffman
  • Researchers Aim to Fortify CAPTCHA Against Spammers, eWeek (01/06/09), Β. Prince
  • A New Web of Trust, Technology Review (01/06/09), Ε. Naone
  • US Security Experts Fear 'Cybergeddon', Agence France Presse (01/07/09)
  • How to Foil 'Phishing' Scams, Scientific American (12/08) Vol. 299, No. 6, P. 104; L. F. Cranor
  • A Joined-Up Bot-Fighting Strategy, Technology Review (01/09/09), D. Graham-Rowe