Δελτίο 100 - 28 Δεκεμβρίου 2007

  • DNS Attack Could Signal Phishing 2.0 IDG News Service (12/11/07), R. McMillan
  • Gold Medalist Computer Scientist Boosts ID Security Frederick News-Post (MD) (12/10/07), S. Boin
  • We're All at Risk' of Attack, Cyber Chief Says Technology Daily (12/11/07), L. Viana
  • NIST Looks to Cook Up a New Hash Government Computer News (12/10/07) Vol. 26, No. 30, W. Jackson
  • ACM Group Honors Computer Security Experts for Innovation and Service AScribe Newswire (12/14/07)
  • Vote of No Confidence Columbus Dispatch (OH) (12/15/07), Μ. Niquette
  • Cyber Security Should Be Personal Priority for All Leaders Government Technology (12/13/07)
  • E-Voting Machines Rejected in Colorado Associated Press (12/19/07), G. Merritt
  • Malware Flood Driving New AV InfoWorld (12/14/07), M. Hines
  • Hackers Have Poor Nations' PCs in Their Sights New Scientist (12/15/07)No. 2634, P. 22; M. Reilly

Δελτίο 99 - 12 Δεκεμβρίου 2007

  • FBI Director Targets the Internet's Top Dangers, Network World (11/07/07)
  • Programmed for Security, Government Computer News (11/05/07) Vol. 26, No. 28, W. Jackson
  • UN Approves Resolution Related to Cyber Attacks, eGov Monitor (11/05/07)
  • Anti-Social Bot Invades Second Lifers' Personal Space, New Scientist (10/02/07), T. Simonite
  • More Security Education Needed to Avoid a Cybersecurity Disaster, Experts WarnSearchSecurity.com (11/07/07), R. Westervelt
  • Human Error Puts Online Banking Security at Risk, Queensland University of Technology (11/07/07)
  • Election Fixes Stir Worries on Ballot Security, Houston Chronicle (11/14/07), Α. Bernstein
    Cybercops: U.S. Targets Terrorists as Online Thieves Run Amok, Mercury News (11/13/07), R. Blitstein
  • Security Loophole Found in Microsoft Windows, University of Haifa (11/12/07)
    Intelligence Community Developing Virtual World Analysis Tools, GovExec.com (11/07/07), B. Brewin
  • Panel Must Narrow Cybersecurity Scope, Federal Computer Week (11/05/07), J. Miller

Δελτίο 98 - 30 Νοεμβρίου 2007

  • Adding Math to List of Security Threats, New York Times (11/17/07) P. B4, J. Markoff
  • Synchronized Shaking Connects Gadgets Securely, New Scientist (11/13/07), T. Simonite
  • Google Meets Sherlock Holmes, Newswise (11/13/07)
  • Tracing Terrorists' Social Web, Associated Press (11/18/07), A. Rotstein
  • 12 Spam Research Projects That Might Make a Difference, Network World (11/20/07), C. Garretson
  • Internet Users Give Up Privacy in Exchange for Trust, Economic & Social Research Council (11/26/07)
  • Standards Suggested for Writing Secure Java, Network World (11/20/07), T. Greene
  • Researcher Lands Computer Security Grant From Air Force, University of Texas at Dallas (11/18/07)

Δελτίο 97 - 21 Νοεμβρίου 2007

  • FBI Director Targets the Internet's Top Dangers, Network World (11/07/07)
  • Programmed for Security, Government Computer News (11/05/07) Vol. 26, No. 28, W. Jackson
  • UN Approves Resolution Related to Cyber Attacks, eGov Monitor (11/05/07)
  • Anti-Social Bot Invades Second Lifers' Personal Space, New Scientist (10/02/07), T. Simonite
  • More Security Education Needed to Avoid a Cybersecurity Disaster, Experts WarnSearchSecurity.com (11/07/07), R. Westervelt
  • Human Error Puts Online Banking Security at Risk, Queensland University of Technology (11/07/07)
  • Election Fixes Stir Worries on Ballot Security, Houston Chronicle (11/14/07), Α. Bernstein
  • Cybercops: U.S. Targets Terrorists as Online Thieves Run Amok, Mercury News (11/13/07), R. Blitstein
  • Security Loophole Found in Microsoft Windows, University of Haifa (11/12/07)
  • Intelligence Community Developing Virtual World Analysis Tools, GovExec.com (11/07/07), B. Brewin
  • Panel Must Narrow Cybersecurity Scope, Federal Computer Week (11/05/07), J. Miller

Δελτίο 96 - 12 Νοεμβρίου 2007

  • Researchers Dig for Hidden Links in Spam, IDG News Service (10/31/07), J. Kirk
  • Germany Seeks Expansion of Computer Spying, Los Angeles Times (10/30/07), K. Murphy
  • Al Qaeda Hacker Attack Scheduled to Begin November 11th, InformationWeek (11/01/07), T. Claburn
  • Setting a Cybersecurity Agenda for the 110th Congress, Government Computer News (10/31/07), W. Jackson
  • Voting Out E-Voting Machines, Time (11/03/07), Τ. Padgett
  • The University's Role in Advancing Data Encryption, Part 2, TechNewsWorld (11/01/07), Α. Burger
  • UMass Researchers Describe New Approach to Tag Security, RFID Journal (11/01/07), Μ.-C. O'Connor
  • Targeting Internet Terror, Baltimore Sun (11/07/07) P. 4A; S. Gorman
  • 'Suicide Nodes' Defend Networks From Within, New Scientist (11/01/07), P. Marks
  • Computer Scientist Fights Threat of 'Botnets', University of Wisconsin-Madison (10/31/07), B. Mattmiller
  • Why VoIP Is the Next Target for Spammers, Guardian Unlimited (UK) (11/01/07), S. Hargrave

Δελτίο 95 - 04 Νοεμβρίου 2007

  • From Casinos to Counterterrorism, Washington Post (10/22/07) P. A1; E. Nakashima
  • What's Russian for 'Hacker'?, New York Times (10/21/07) P. WK1; C. Levy
  • To Maintain National Security, US Policies Should Continue to Promote Open Exchange of Research, National Academy of Sciences (10/18/07)
  • Research Shows Image-Based Threat on the Rise, Dark Reading (10/18/07), K. Higgins
  • Air Force's Future Lies in Cyberspace, Washington Times (10/19/07) P. A9; S. Waterman
    House Panel Chief Demands Details of Cybersecurity Plan, Baltimore Sun (10/24/07) P. 1A; S. Gorman
    UD Computer Security Campaigns Win Awards, University of Delaware (10/23/07), J. Rhodes
  • Scientists Draw on New Technology to Improve Password Protection, Newcastle University (10/24/07)
  • 'Half-Quantum' Cryptography Promises Total Security, New Scientist (10/21/07), P. Marks
    Identity Theft: Costs More, Tech Less, Network Computing (10/23/07), Τ. Claburn
    Password-Cracking Chip Causes Security Concerns, New Scientist (10/24/07), Α. Brandt
    Workforce Issues Complicate Planning for Cyberattacks, GovExec.com (10/25/07), G. Nagesh
  • Space Station: Internal NASA Reports Explain Origins of June Computer Crisis, IEEE Spectrum (10/07), J. Oberg
  • New US Tack to Defend Power Grid, Christian Science Monitor (10/30/07) P. 1; M. Clayton
    The Air Force's Cyber-Corps, National Journal (10/27/07) Vol. 39, No. 43, P. 56; N. Munro
    Hacker Curriculum: How Hackers Learn Networking, IEEE Distributed Systems Online (10/07), S. Bratus

Δελτίο 94 - 26 Οκτωβρίου 2007

  • Hackers Could Skew US Elections, New Scientist (10/09/07), J. Marshall
  • Quantum Cryptography to Secure Ballots in Swiss Election, Network World (10/11/07), E. Messmer
  • Panelists Cite Threats to US Computer Networks,CongressDaily (10/10/07), O. Kreisher
  • Technology Would Help Detect Terrorists Before They Strike, University at Buffalo News (10/05/07), E. Goldbaum
  • ORNL's SensorPedia Targets National Security Mission, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (10/04/07)
  • 'Dark Web' Project Takes on Cyber-Terrorism, Fox News (10/11/07), S. Kotler
  • Data Sharing Threatens Privacy, Nature (10/11/07) Vol. 449, No. 7163, p. 644
  • Ohio Brings in Experts to Review Troubled E-Voting Systems, Computerworld (10/16/07), Τ. Weiss
  • Carnegie Mellon's A. Perrig Leads Research Team Dedicated to Analyzing and Dis¬rup¬t-ing Internet Attackers' Black Markets, Carnegie Mellon News (10/15/07), C. Swaney
  • Univ. of Virginia Computer Security Video Wins Award, University of Virginia (10/16/07)
  • Rebinding Attacks Unbound, Security Focus (10/17/07), F. Biancuzzi
  • Threats to Power Facilities on the Rise, Associated Press (10/17/07), J. Hebert
  • Cyber Wars, Government Executive (10/01/07) Vol. 39, No. 17, P. 16; B. Brewin

Δελτίο 93 - 14 Οκτωβρίου 2007

  • USC Student's Computer Program Enlisted in Security Efforts at LAX , Los Angeles Times (10/01/07), L. Gordon
  • Scientists Warn of 'Vocal Terror' , BBC News (09/14/07), L. Seward
  • Connecting the Dots , National Journal (09/29/07) Vol. 39, No. 39, P. 61; M. Perelman
  • Technology Could Enable Computers to 'Read the Minds' of Users , Tufts University (10/01/07) Thurler, Kim
  • Carnegie Mellon Researchers Fight Phishing Attacks With Phishing Tactics , Carnegie Mellon News (10/02/07) Spice, Byron
  • 'Dead Time' Limits Quantum Cryptography Speeds , NIST Tech Beat (09/27/07)
  • The Lesson of Estonia , Information Security (09/07) Vol. 10, No. 8, P. 12; D. Denning
  • Spam Weapon Helps Preserve Books , BBC News (10/02/07), P. Rubens
  • CERT Advances Secure Coding Standards , Dark Reading (10/02/07), K. Higgins
  • Privacy Threats Are No Longer 'Terra Incognita' , The Star Online (10/01/07), M. Geist
  • West Is Taking Fight Against Terrorism Online , International Herald Tribune (09/30/07), D. Carvajal
  • Dragonfly or Insect Spy? Scientists at Work on Robobugs , Washington Post (10/09/07) P. A3; R. Weiss
  • UMass Amherst Researchers Improve Security for Credit Cards and Other Devices , University of Massachusetts Amherst (10/03/07)
  • GTISC Releases Emerging Cyber Threats Forecast , Georgia Institute of Technology (10/02/07)
  • GPL Defenders Say: See You in Court , CNet (10/01/07), S. Shankland

Δελτίο 92 - 1 Οκτωβρίου 2007

  • NSA to Defend Against Hackers, Baltimore Sun (09/20/07) P. 1A; S. Gorman
  • Is the US at Risk From Cyberwarfare? , IDG News Service (09/20/07), R. McMillan
  • International Blue Ribbon Task Force to Address Critical Challenge of the Information Age, UCSD News (09/19/07), W. Froelich
  • Does Antivirus Have a Future? , London Guardian (09/20/07), W. Grossman
  • Collecting of Details on Travelers Documented , Washington Post (09/22/07) P. A1; E. Nakashima ,
  • Summit to Address Online Threats to Security , The Tartan (09/24/07), E. Kang
  • Online Game Helps People Recognize Internet Scams, Carnegie Mellon News (09/24/07), B. Spice; A. Watzman
  • Apple: 'Unlocking' Software Damages iPhone , USA Today (09/25/07) P. 4B; J. Graham
  • Not Much Anonymity for Unprotected File-Sharers, University of California, Riverside (09/25/07)
  • Using Spam Blockers to Target HIV, Too, BusinessWeek (10/01/07)No. 4052, P. 68; S. Baker; J. Greene
  • US Video Shows Simulated Hacker Attack, Associated Press (09/27/07), T. Bridis; E. Sullivan
  • MIT Launches Kerberos Consortium, MIT News (09/27/07), P. Richards

Δελτίο 91 - 23 Σεπτεμβρίου 2007

  • UM Software Tools May Key Successful Antiterrorism, Military and Diplomatic Ac­tions, University of Maryland (09/13/07), L. Tune
  • Scientists Use the "Dark Web" to Snag Extremists and Terrorists Online, National Science Foundation (09/10/07)
  • Google Calls for International Standards on Internet Privacy, Washington Post (09/15/07) P. D1; C. Rampell
  • NSF Researchers Produce RFID Random Number Generator, Government Computer News (09/12/07), J. Jackson
  • University Program Targets Online Security, Augusta Chronicle (GA) (09/12/07), J. Few
  • Quantum Threat to Our Secret Data, New Scientist (09/13/07) Vol. 195, No. 2621, P. 30; D. Graham-Rowe
  • Group Says E-Voting Paper Trail Wouldn't Improve Security, IDG News Service (09/18/07), G. Gross
  • CS Profs and the DOD, Computing Research Association (09/18/07), P. Harsha
  • Clock to Tick Down US Privacy, Washington Times (09/18/07) P. A3; A. Hudson
  • New Research Seeks to Enhance Quality and Security of Wireless Telemedicine, Rochester Institute of Technology (09/17/07), W. Dube
  • If RSA Is Cracked, Here's Plan B, New Scientist (09/15/07) Vol. 195, No. 2621, P. 31; D. Graham-Rowe

Δελτίο 90 - 14 Σεπτεμβρίου 2007

  • ICANN's Whois Privacy Reforms Stalled Again, Computerworld (08/28/07), J. Vijayan
  • UTEP Awarded $5 Million to Create Cyberinfrastructure Center, University of Texas at El Paso (08/21/2007)
  • House to Consider E-Voting Reform Bill, Computerworld (09/05/07), G. Gross
  • DHS Head: Cybersecurity Remains a Concern, IDG News Service (09/05/07), G. Gross
  • Cyber Crime Tool Kits Go on Sale, BBC News (09/04/07)
  • House Puts Off Voting Bill, Most Other Business Next Week, CQPolitics.com (09/07/07), Κ. Hunter; Α. Ota
  • F.B.I. Data Mining Reached Beyond Initial Targets, New York Times (09/09/07) P. 1; Ε. Lichtblau
  • Storm Worm Botnet More Powerful Than Top Supercomputers, InformationWeek (09/06/07), S. Gaudin
  • Debate Rages Over German Government Spyware Plan, IDG News Service (09/05/07), J. Blau
  • Personal Data: Up Close and Impersonal, Federal Computer Week (08/27/07), A. Joch
  • Who Needs Hackers?, New York Times (09/12/07) P. H1; J. Schwartz
  • China's Eye on the Internet, University of California, Davis (09/11/07), A. Fell
  • EAC to Release Draft Voting-System Guidelines, Government Computer News (09/10/07), W. Jackson
  • Rogue Nodes Turn Tor Anonymizer Into Eavesdropper's Paradise, Wired News (09/10/07), K. Zetter
  • Louisiana Tech Researchers Work on Cyber-Attack Defense, Associated Press (08/26/07)
  • How Close Is World War 3.0?, Network World (08/22/07), C. D. Marsan
  • FBI Launches Cybersecurity Project, Government Computer News (08/20/07), W. Dizard

Δελτίο 89 - 04 Σεπτεμβρίου 2007

  • Official Threatens to Fine E-Vote Firm, Contra Costa Times (CA) (08/22/07), S. Harmon
  • Japan Working to Replace the Internet, Kyodo News (08/20/07)
  • Most Teen Computer Hackers More Curious Than Criminal, USA Today (08/20/07) P. 5D; M. Elias
  • Flight Plan for Security, Government Computer News (08/13/07) Vol. 26, No. 21, W. Jackson
  • Point, Click ... Eavesdrop: How the FBI Wiretap Net Operates, Wired News (08/29/07)
  • Research at K-State, Partner Institutions, to Help Homeland Security Make Sense of the Abundant Information in the Public Domain, Kansas State University News (08/27/07), E. Barcomb-Peterson
  • US Suspends Vast ADVISE Data-Sifting System, Christian Science Monitor (08/28/07) P. 1; M. Clayton
  • UM Study: Password Protecting Your Wireless Network Is Not Enough, University of Maryland (08/22/07), M. Corley; R. Copeland
  • America's Hackable Backbone, Forbes (08/22/07), A. Greenberg
  • A New Method to Detect Software Theft, Informationsdienst Wissenschaft (08/23/07)
  • Hacktivism Attacks May Rise, Homeland Security Official Warns, Network World (08/22/07), C. D. Marsan
  • Special Military Group Looks Ahead to Fight America's Future Wars, San Francisco Chronicle (08/26/07) P. E1; T. Abate
  • Digital Detectives Discern Photoshop Fakery, Christian Science Monitor (08/29/07) P. 13; C. Gaylord
  • Statistics Professor Says Databases Must Balance Privacy, Utility, Carnegie Mellon News (08/30/07), J. Potts
  • Louisiana Tech Researchers Work on Cyber-Attack Defense, Associated Press (08/26/07)
  • How Close Is World War 3.0?, Network World (08/22/07), C. D. Marsan
  • FBI Launches Cybersecurity Project, Government Computer News (08/20/07), W. Dizard

Δελτίο 88 - 31 Αυγούστου 2007

  • Computing Breakthrough Could Elevate Security to Unprecedented Levels, University of Michigan News Service (08/16/07), C. Rabuck; N. Moore
  • 'Virtual Sandboxing' Provides Safe Security Testing, Computerworld (08/09/07), M. Hines
  • Encrypting the Future, Government Computer News (08/06/07), K. Hickey
  • California: The Top to Bottom Review, VoteTrustUSA (08/13/07), B. Simons
  • Local Teen Works to Advance Encryption Technology, Henry Herald (08/13/07), J. Jackson
  • E-Voting Predicament: Not-So-Secret Ballots, CNet (08/20/07), Δ. McCullagh; Α. Broache
  • Voting Machine Hackers--UCSB Team Breaks Into Counting Device, Pacific Coast Business Times (08/16/07), S. Nellis
  • New URI Browser Flaws Worse Than First Thought, IDG News Service (08/15/07), R. McMillan
  • Phishing Researcher 'Targets' the Unsuspecting, Network World (08/13/07) Vol. 24, No. 31, P. 26; J. Brodkin
  • Can a Government Remotely Detect a Terrorist's Thoughts?, New Scientist (08/11/07) Vol. 195, No. 2616, P. 24; P. Marks

Δελτίο 87 - 21 Αυγούστου 2007

  • Action Plan to Beat Cyber-crime, Information Today (08/07) Vol. 24, No. 7, P. 24; J. Ashling
  • USU Lab Researching Cyberterrorism, The Herald Journal (Utah) (08/01/07), K. Burgess
  • Online Underworld, San Francisco Chronicle (07/30/07) P. C1; T. Abate
  • Teaching Hacking Helps Students, Professors Say, Register (UK) (08/07/07), J. Lemos
  • UC-San Diego Computer Scientists Shed Light on Internet Scams, University of California, San Diego (08/06/07), D. Kane
  • A Little Privacy, Please, Scientific American (07/07) Vol. 297, No. 1, P. 92; C. Walter
  • Worldwide Malware Study Set for Launch, Dark Reading (08/02/07), T. Wilson
  • California Moves to Lock Down E-Voting Systems, Computerworld (08/04/07), R. McMillan
  • Prototype Software Tools Plugs Security Leaks, LinuxElectrons (07/31/07)
  • Slicing Sensitive Corporate Data for Secure, Dispersed Storage, Computerworld (08/09/07), T. Weiss
  • Vote-Swapping Over the Internet Is Legal, Court Finds, Computerworld (08/07/07), L. Rosencrance

Δελτίο 86 - 10 Αυγούστου 2007

  • What the U.S. Is Doing Wrong With E-Voting, eWeek (07/30/07), L. Vaas
  • Florida Voting Chief Aims to Block Hackers, Miami Herald (08/01/07), M. Caputo
  • Scan this Guy's E-Passport and Watch Your System Crash, Wired News (08/01/07), K. Zetter
  • Securing Cell Phones, Technology Review (08/01/07), K. Greene
  • Senate to Hold Hearing on Security of Voting Machines, Wired News (07/31/07), K. Zetter
  • Picture Your Password, Dark Reading (07/23/07), K. Higgins
  • Security: A Business Enabler, Not Disabler, Baseline (07/07)No. 74, P. 41; McCormick, John
  • Scientists' Tests Hack Into Electronic Voting Machines in California and Elsewhere, New York Times (07/28/07) P. A11; C. Drew
  • Q&A: Security Top Concern for New IETF Chair, Network World (07/26/07), C. Marsan
  • E-Voting Systems Vulnerable to Viruses and Other Security Attacks, New Report Finds, UC Berkeley News (08/02/07), S. Yang
  • New Report Finds States Not Doing Enough to Ensure Accurate Count on Electronic Voting Machines, Brennan Center for Justice (NYU School of Law) (08/01/07), J. Rosen
  • Halt 'High Risk' E-Voting: British Watchdog, Reuters (08/02/07), P. Griffiths
  • Clarke Wants to Know, Where Did We Go Wrong?, Government Computer News (08/01/07), W. Jackson
  • Researchers Set to Spark Up New More Secure Network, Routers, SwitchesNetwork World (07/31/07)
  • The New Face of Identity Protection: You, University of Houston News (07/30/07), A. Holdsworth
  • How Far Could Cyber War Go?, Network World (07/26/07), M. Kabay

Δελτίο 85 - 31 Ιουλίου 2007

  • Senators to Abandon '08 E-Voting Paper Trail Mandate, CNet (07/25/07), A. Broache
  • NASA: Computer Bound for Space Station Sabotaged, USA Today (07/26/07), T. Halvorson
  • Future of HTTP at Center of Debate, Network World (07/25/07), C. Marsan
  • Congress: P2P Networks Harm National Security, CNet (07/24/07), A. Broache; D. McCullagh
  • Government Reports Cybercrime Poses National Risk, InformationWeek (07/24/07), S. Gaudin
  • What Can Be Done About Software Security?, SD Times (07/01/07)No. 177, P. 37; D. Worthington
  • Accessibility Isn't Only Hurdle in Voting System Overhaul, New York Times (07/21/07) P. A11; C. Drew
  • IPhone Flaw Lets Hackers Take Over, Security Firm Says, New York Times (07/23/07) P. C4; J. Schwartz
  • MIT Encryption Pioneer Rivest Wins Marconi Prize, MIT News (07/17/07)
  • E-Voting Systems 'Hacked' for Flaws, San Jose Mercury News (CA) (07/23/07), S. Harmon

Δελτίο 84 - 23 Ιουλίου 2007

  • Re-Vote Likely After E-Vote Error, IDG News Service (07/14/07), S. Lawson
  • Three Hamilton Students Examining Computer Security for Summer Research Project, Hamilton College (07/12/07)
  • Computer Science Prof Researches Program Safety, Regina Leader-Post (CAN) (07/10/07), J. Couture
  • Cyberterrorism: By Whatever Name, It's on the Increase, InformationWeek (07/09/07)No. 1145, P. 32; L. Greenemeier
  • Mounting Scrutiny for Google Security, InfoWorld (07/12/07)
  • Dan Wallach: Security Watchdog for the Industry, Computerworld (07/09/07) Vol. 41, No. 28, P. 58; S. Collett
  • Latest Weapon Against Spam Also Enlists Computer Users to Assist the Internet Archive, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (07/18/07), L. Yao
  • New Public Surveillance Research, Scenta (07/12/07)
  • Old Flaw Threatens Web 2.0, Dark Reading (07/12/07), K.-J. Higgins
  • Salary Premiums for Security Certifications Increasing, Study Shows, Computerworld (07/09/07), J. Vijayan
  • Professor Denning Tapped by NSF, Naval Postgraduate School (07/13/07), B. Honegger
  • Zombie Nets, National Journal (07/14/07) Vol. 39, No. 28, P. 46; N. Munro

Δελτίο 83 - 16 Ιουλίου 2007

  • Data on Americans Mined for Terror Risk, Associated Press (07/10/07), L. J. Jordan
  • Happy Birthday, Dear Viruses, Science (07/13/07) Vol. 317, No. 5835, P. 210; R. Ford; E. Spafford
  • Security Paper Shows How Application Can Steal CPU Cycles, Ars Technica (07/11/07), J. Reimer
  • Bootable Disc Makes for Safer Banking, Researcher Claims, Computerworld Australia (07/10/07), S. Springell

Δελτίο 82 - 11 Ιουλίου 2007

  • Hackers Hired to Crack California Electronic Voting Machines, KABC-TV (Los Angeles) (07/02/07), Ν. Miranda
  • How Safe Are Wireless Networks?, Dalhousie University (07/04/07), D. Morrison
  • Is Securing Your Network Worth the Money?, Network World (07/03/07), B. Brown
  • Lawmakers to DHS: Spend More on Cybersecurity, Federal Computer Week (07/03/07), J. Miller
  • US Government Prepares for Cyber War Games, Ars Technica (07/05/07), J. Reimer
  • ISU Experts Weigh in on Identity Theft Through New Wireless Technologies, Iowa State University News Service (07/03/07)
  • Warning of Data Ticking Time Bomb, BBC News (07/03/07)

Δελτίο 81 - 04 Ιουλίου 2007

  • Cyber Security Report Released, Computing Research Association (06/28/07)
  • Solving the Web Security Challenge, CNet (06/28/07), M. Ricciuti; J. Evers
  • H-P's Emerging Task: Deter Forgeries, Wall Street Journal (06/28/07) P. B3; J. Range; V. Agarwal
  • Security Issues and Programming, ZDNet (06/25/07), P. Murphy
  • Handwritten Passwords, Technology Review (06/28/07), E. Naone

Δελτίο 80 - 27 Ιουνίου 2007

  • ISS Computer Woes Concern Europe, BBC News (06/18/07), I. Klotz
  • Watching Virus Behavior Could Keep PCs Healthy, New Scientist (06/15/07), T. Simonite
  • Army, Air Force Seek to Go on Offensive in Cyber War, GovExec.com (06/13/07), B. Brewin
  • FBI: Operation Bot Roast Finds Over 1 Million Botnet Victims, Network World (06/13/07), M. Cooney
  • Denial-of-Service Attacks: Street Crime on the Web, New Scientist (06/06/07) Vol. 194, No. 2607, P. 30; J. Giles
  • REAL Nightmare, Governing (06/07) Vol. 20, No. 9, P. 24; E. Perlman
  • Saving the Internet, Harvard Business Review (06/07), J. Zittrain
  • Court Prohibits Access to Touch-Screen Source Code, Computerworld (06/19/07), Μ. Songini
  • US Should Draw Warning From Estonian Web Site Attacks, Congressional Quarterly (06/18/07), Μ. Berger
  • Computer Privacy Expert Warns of Growing Risks to Social Security Numbers AScribe Newswire (06/21/07)
  • E-Vote 'Threat' to UK Democracy, BBC News (06/22/07)
  • Security Study Pokes Holes in Advanced Authentication Claims, Ars Technica (06/20/07), J. Hruska
  • Murky Trade in Bugs Plays Into the Hands of Hackers, New Scientist (06/16/07) Vol. 194, No. 2608, P. 30; C. Biever
  • Planned Worker ID Called Vulnerable, San Francisco Chronicle (06/25/07) P. A4; C. Lochhead
  • New York Legislators Keep E-Voting Software in Public Hands, Computerworld (06/25/07), M. Songini
  • When Computers Attack, New York Times (06/24/07) P. 4-1; S. Schwartz

Δελτίο 79 - 20 Ιουνίου 2007

  • A Dog or a Cat? New Tests to Fool Automated Spammers, New York Times (06/11/07) P. C1; B. Stone
  • AU Finds Success With Voting System, Opelika-Auburn News (06/11/07), A. Weaver
  • Antivirus Fix in Works by Security Researchers, Network World (06/07/07)
  • Casting Ballot From Abroad Is No Sure Bet, New York Times (06/13/07) P. A1; I. Urbina
  • Purdue Creates Scientifically Based Animation of 9/11 Attack, Purdue University News (06/12/07), S. Tally
  • Hardware Designed to Protect Data From Theft By Hackers, Chicago Tribune (06/11/07), J. Van
  • Laws Threaten Security Researchers, Dark Reading (06/08/07)

Δελτίο 78 - 11 Ιουνίου 2007

  • China Prepares for First Strike in Electronic War, eWeek (05/30/07), L. Vaas
  • IU Informatics Security Experts Draw New Weapon in War of Cyber CrimeIndiana University (06/04/07)
  • DHS Sets its Cyber R&D Goals, Federal Computer Week (06/04/07) Vol. 21, No. 16, P. 56; Β. Robinson
  • Internet2 Security Honcho: PCs Need Universal Healthcare, Ars Technica (06/05/07), Κ. Fisher
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  • Designers Pitch 'Wild and Crazy' Ideas at DAC, EE Times (06/06/07), N. Mokhoff
  • Online Shoppers Will Pay Extra to Protect Privacy, Carnegie Mellon Study ShowsCarnegie Mellon News (06/06/07), B. Spice; A. Watzman
  • New Record for Quantum Cryptography, Technology Review (06/08/07), N. Savage
  • Net Attack, Wall Street Journal (06/05/07), A. Mannes; J. Hendler
  • Scientists Discuss Use of DNA and Information Technology, Memphis Commercial Appeal (TN) (06/08/07), D. Connolly

Δελτίο 77 - 04 Ιουνίου 2007

  • After Computer Siege in Estonia, War Fears Turn to Cyberspace, New York Times (05/29/07) P. A1; M. Lander; J. Markoff
  • Computer Scientists Set on Winning the Computer Virus 'Cold War', University of Wisconsin-Madison (05/24/07)
  • Noise Keeps Spooks Out of the Loop, New Scientist (05/23/07), J. Palmer
  • Researcher: RSA 1024-Bit Encryption Not Enough, IDG News Service (05/23/07), J. Kirk
  • Eyeing Unnoticed Security Researchers, SearchSecurity.com (05/23/07), D. Fisher
  • RAW Talent Tackles Risk Analysis, Information Sciences Institute (05/29/07)
  • Spammers' Use of AI Only Just Begun, InfoWorld (06/01/07), M. Hines
  • Better Face Recognition Software, Technology Review (05/30/07), M. Williams
  • New Agency IARPA Develops Spy Tools, Associated Press (05/31/07), K. Shrader
  • Internet Governance Forum in November to Address Access, Security Issues, UN Of­fi­ci­al Says, eGov Monitor (05/24/07)
  • Read ID, Real Debate, Washington Technology (05/28/07) Vol. 22, No. 9, P. 24; C. Lipowicz

Δελτίο 76 - 29 Μαΐου 2007

  • Proposed National Database Raises Privacy Concerns, eWeek (05/22/07), B. Prince
  • Promising Antispam Technique Gets Nod, CNet (05/23/07), D. McCullagh
  • Better Internet Security Means Technological Breakthroughs, Kansas City infoZine (05/21/07), A. Charbonnet
  • DHS Seeks Research on Nine Cybersecurity Areas, Federal Computer Week (05/21/07), A. Lipowicz
  • Phishers Can Use Social Web Sites as Bait to Net Victims: Informatics Study, Indiana University (05/24/07)
  • Can Cyborg Moths Bring Down Terrorists?, Times Online (UK) (05/24/07), D. Bebber
  • Computer Viruses Invade SSU Class--on Purpose, Press Democrat (Santa Rosa, Calif.) (05/22/07), N. Halverson
  • Globalization Has Made Software Development a National Security Issue, Computerworld Australia (05/23/07) Rossi, Sandra
  • DHS Publishes Sector-Specific Protection Plan for IT Infrastructure, Computerworld (05/22/07), J. Vijayan

Δελτίο 75 - 23 Μαΐου 2007

  • Worm Attacked Voter Database in Notorious Florida District, Computerworld (05/16/07), B. Friedman
  • Using 'Offensive Technologies' to Secure Networks, Network World (05/14/07), B. Brown
  • ACM Group Honors Research Team for Rare Finding in Computer Security, AScribe Newswire (05/16/07)
  • Cyber-War--the Way of the Future?, Times Online (UK) (05/17/07), J. Richards
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  • Cyber Assaults on Estonia Typify a New Battle Tactic, Washington Post (05/19/07) P. A1; Finn, Peter
  • New Software Can Identify You from Your Online Habits, New Scientist (05/16/07) Marks, Paul

Δελτίο 74 - 16 Μαΐου 2007

  • Leahy, Others Speak Out Against New ID Standards, Washington Post (05/09/07) P. D3; E. Nakashima
  • USACM Urges Revisions to National Identification Policy, AScribe Newswire (05/08/07)
  • Electronic Voting May Be Ready by Fall '08, Official Says, New York Times (05/08/07), J. Hicks
  • U.S. Critical Infrastructure in Serious Jeopardy, CSO Online (05/04/07), A. Turner
  • The Disruptive Power of Networks, Forbes (05/07/07), V. Cerf
  • House Panel Approves E-Voting Paper Trails, CNet (05/09/07), A. Broache
  • Association for Computing Machinery Applauds Committee Vote on E-Voting Reform, Legislation, AScribe Newswire (05/09/07)
  • Hackers, Experts to Probe E-Voting, Inside Bay Area (CA) (05/10/07), I. Hoffman
  • Shredded East German Files Reassembled, Associated Press (05/09/07), D. Rising
  • Google Searches Web's Dark Side, BBC News (05/11/07)
  • Java Security Traps Getting Worse, eWeek (05/09/07), L. Vaas
  • Escaping the Data Panopticon: Prof Says Computers Must Learn to 'Forget', Ars Technica (05/09/07), N. Anderson
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Δελτίο 73 - 09 Μαΐου 2007

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  • Florida Acts to Eliminate Touch-Screen Voting System, New York Times (05/04/07) P. A19; T. Sexton, C. Jordan
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  • Document Shell-Code Attacks on the Rise, InfoWorld (05/02/07) Hines, Matt

Δελτίο 72 - 02 Μαΐου 2007

  • Paper-Trail Voting Gets Organized Opposition, USA Today (04/23/07) P. 2A; R. Wolf
  • Voting Machines a 'Catastrophe'--French Parties, Agence France Presse (04/23/07), M. Sailhan
  • Nation's Cyber Plan Outdated, Lawmakers Told, Washington Post (04/26/07), B. Krebs; S. Mcloone
  • Respectful Cameras, Technology Review (05/02/07), Β. Borrell
  • Researchers: Health Sensors Open New Doors for Hackers, ASU Insight (04/30/07), D. Evans

Δελτίο 71 - 26 Απριλίου 2007

  • Audit Finds Many Faults in Cleveland's '06 Voting, New York Times (04/20/07) P. A20; B. Driehaus
  • Lawmakers Call for E-Voting Paper Trails, IDG News Service (04/18/07), G. Gross
  • The Memory Hacker, Popular Science (04/07) Vol. 270, No. 4, P. 66; S. Handelman
  • Tragedy Spurs Renewed Interest in Mining Internet to Spot Killers, Star-Ledger (NJ) (04/23/07), Κ. Coughlin
  • Gov't Straining to Secure Computer Systems, Washington Post (04/19/07), Β. Krebs
  • Open Source, Transparency and Electronic Voting, Linux Insider (04/18/07), J. Mello
  • P2P Worms Get Their Turn, InfoWorld (04/16/07), M. Hines

Δελτίο 70 - 20 Απριλίου 2007

  • Protecting Electronic Information From Theft and Abuse Is the Goal of Virginia Tech CAREER Research, Virginia Tech News (04/09/07)
  • Biggest Threat to Internet Could Be a Massive Virtual Blackout, National Journal's Technology Daily (04/05/07), Α. Noyes
  • Don't Trust Voting on the 'Net, Speaker Says, Network World (04/12/07), T. Greene
  • Researchers Explore Scrapping Internet, Associated Press (04/15/07), A. Jesdanun, A. White
  • Expert: 'Flasher' Technology Digs Deeper for Digital Evidence, Purdue University News (04/12/07), K. Medaris
  • Analysis: Owning the Keys to the Internet, United Press International (04/12/07), S. Waterman
  • Open-Source Project Aims to Erase E-Voting Fog, IDG News Service (04/16/07), J. Kirk
  • Docs Point to E-Voting Bug in Contested Race, Wired News (04/17/07), K. Zetter
  • Dartmouth Gets Award for Cyber Security Studies, Dartmouth News (04/13/07), L. Burnham
  • Security Remains a Challenge for Browser Developers, eWeek (04/17/07), P. Galli
  • Feds: Accuracy of Face Recognition Software Skyrockets, LiveScience (04/13/07), L. Wood

Δελτίο 69 - 11 Απριλίου 2007

  • Association for Computing Machinery President's Award Honors Leading Proponent of Computer Security, Ethics, Safety, AScribe Newswire (04/03/07)
  • Opposition to Electronic Voting System Grows in France, New York Times (04/03/07) P. A3
  • Congress Finally Considers Aggressive E-Voting Overhaul, Ars Technica (04/01/07), Τ. Lee
  • Don't Use WEP, Say German Security Researchers, IDG News Service (04/04/07) Sayer, Peter
  • That Face! Those Eyes! How Recognizable?, Government Computer News (04/03/07) Dizard III, Wilson P.
  • Professor Lectures at U. Massachusetts on Electronic Voting, Massachusetts Daily Collegian (04/06/07) Trull, Andrew
  • How to Read Signs of Safe Software, Government Computer News (04/02/07) Vol. 26, No. 7, Buxbaum, Peter A.

Δελτίο 68 - 04 Απριλίου 2007

  • Security That Nets Malicious Websites, Queensland University of Technology (03/23/07)
  • UCF Researchers Work on Spy Drones, Orlando Sentinel (FL) (03/22/07), C. Cobbs
  • Tougher Standards Could End E-Voting, Inside Bay Area (CA) (03/28/07), I. Hoffman
  • World Scholar to Run New UTSA Cyber-Security Institute, University of Texas at San Antonio (03/27/07), D. Gabler
  • Researchers Talk Cyber Security at Conference, Dartmouth News (03/27/07), M. Coburn
  • Despite Upgrades, Security Experts Fear $100 Laptops, InfoWorld (03/25/07), M. Hines
  • U.S.-Based Servers Host Majority of Malicious Code, Study Finds, Computerworld (03/26/07), J. Vijayan
  • Hackers, Designers Talk Tech's Future at eTech, CNet (03/26/07), S. Olsen
  • Far Infrared Can Be Used for Anti-Terror Devices, Faster Wireless, University of Utah News (03/28/07)
  • Wright State Researchers Pioneer New Ground in Web Technology Affecting Health Care, Terrorism, Defense, Financial Services, Wright State University (03/28/07)
  • Q&A: New IAB Chair Mulls DNS Security, Unwanted Internet Traffic, Network World (03/28/07), C. D. Marsan
  • Are Your Software Programmers Coding Securely?, Computerworld (03/26/07), J. Vijayan

Δελτίο 67 - 26 Μαρτίου 2007

  • Florida Officials Warned of E-Voting Glitch Prior to Election, Computerworld (03/20/07), M. Songini
  • A Student-Hacker Rematch and the Second Annual Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition, InformIT (03/16/07), S. Fogie
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  • Son of TIA Will Mine Asian Data, Wired News (03/22/07), S. Weinberger
  • Tool Turns Unsuspecting Surfers Into Hacking Help, CNet (03/20/07), J. Evans
  • Privacy for Domain Owners Moves Forward, Associated Press (03/21/07), A. Jesdanun

Δελτίο 66 - 21 Μαρτίου 2007

  • Hackers Get a Bum Rap for Corporate America's Digital Delinquency, University of Washington News and Information (03/12/07), P. Lewis
  • File-Sharing Lawsuit Worries Techies, Investor's Business Daily (03/13/07) P. A4; B. Deagon
  • Chinese Hackers Seek U.S. Access, USA Today (03/12/07) P. 3B; J. Swartz
  • The E-voting Question: To Open or Not to Open?, National Journal's Technology Daily (03/15/07), Μ. Martinez
  • Can Computers Make Life-or Death Medical Decisions?, New Scientist (03/13/07), R. Khamsi
  • Researchers Track Down Plague of Fake Web Sites, New York Times (03/19/07) P. C4; J. Markoff
  • DIM 2007 Workshop: Usability Issues for Identity Management, Johannes Ernst's Blog (03/15/07), J. Ernst
  • Politicians Press for Antispyware Law Yet Again, CNet (03/16/07), A. Broache
  • How to Stop the Dilbertization of IT, eWeek (03/16/07), D. Perelman

Δελτίο 65 - 14 Μαρτίου 2007

  • E-Rescue Plans for Coping With Disasters, The Australian (03/06/07), J. Foreshaw
  • The Digital Building--Security Starts at the Door, Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft (03/07)
  • Puppetnets: Misusing Web Browsers as a Distributed Attack Infrastructure, Honeyblog (03/05/07), V. Lam; S. Antonatos; P. Akritidis
  • Last Month's Root-Server Attack Revisited, Register (UK) (03/09/07) Goodin, Dan
  • Aussie Video Surveillance Technology Leaves Rivals for Dead, Computerworld Australia (03/06/07) Pauli, Darren

Δελτίο 64 - 07 Μαρτίου 2007

  • The Art of Identification, Technology Review (02/28/07), Μ. Erard
  • Berners-Lee Gets Technical on the Hill, InternetNews.com (03/01/07), R. Mark
  • Online Voting Clicks in Estonia, Wired News (03/02/07), J. Borland
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  • Foolproof Quantum Cryptography, Technology Review (03/02/07), D. Graham-Rowe
  • Black Hat Demonstrations Shatter Hardware Hacking Myths, eWeek (03/01/07), L. Vaas

Δελτίο 63 - 28 Φεβρουαρίου 2007

  • Campaign Strengthens for a Voting Paper Trail, Washington Post (02/19/07) P. A17; Z. Goldfarb
  • Europe's Plan to Track Phone and Net Use, New York Times (02/20/07) P. C4; V. Shannon
  • World Leading Human Behaviour Experts Awarded Security Study Contract, Innovations Report (02/16/07), B. White
  • US Cybersecurity Czar Has His Marching Orders, CNet (02/20/07), J. Evers
  • Security Experts Draw Bead on How Malware Targets and Dupes Internet UsersIndiana University (02/19/07)
  • Panel Cites Voter Error, Not Software, in Loss of Votes, New York Times (02/24/07) P. A9; C. Drew
  • Surveillance Cameras Get Smarter, Associated Press (02/25/07), S. Manning
  • Homeland Security Cyber Czar Sees Challenges Ahead, National Journal's Technology Daily (02/22/07), H. Greenfield

Δελτίο 62 - 19 Φεβρουαρίου 2007

  • New US Cybersecurity Chief Lays Out Guidance, IDG News Service (02/09/07), R. McMillan
  • Split Decision, Government Technology (02/07) Vol. 20, No. 2, A. Opsahl
  • Groups Call for E-Voting Paper Trail Legislation, IDG News Service (2/12/07), G. Gross
  • US Government Readying Massive Cybersecurity Test, IDG News Service (02/12/07), R. McMillan
  • Blogs to the Rescue!, Nature (02/15/07), D. Butler
  • $82 for E-Voting Secrets, Wired News (02/16/07), K. Zetter
  • Senator Introduces 'Disappointing' E-Vote Reform Bill, InternetNews.com (02/14/07), M. Hickins
  • Making Operating Rooms Safer With Open Communication Among Equipment UNH Media Relations (02/13/07), B. Potier
  • IC Designers Need to Focus on Security, Panel Says, EE Times (02/14/07), N. Mokhoff

Δελτίο 61 - 12 Φεβρουαρίου 2007

  • Congressman Renews Push for E-Vote Paper Trails, Computerworld (02/06/07), Μ. Songini
  • Internet Servers Handle Major Global Attacks, Associated Press (02/07/07), Τ. Bridis
  • UM Study: Hackers Attack Every 39 Seconds, PRNewswire (02/06/07)
  • Bush Seeks Spending Increases in Research, Surveillance, CNet (02/05/07), Α. Broache
  • Fighting to Protect Copyright 'Orphans', CNet (01/31/07), D. Terdiman
  • Feinstein Will Pursue Paper Record at Polls, San Francisco Chronicle (02/08/07) P. A4; Z. Coile
  • Feds Defend Oversight of E-Voting Testing, CNet (02/09/07), A. Broache
  • U.S. Cyber Counterattack: Bomb 'Em One Way or the Other, Network World (02/08/07), E. Messmer
  • Researchers Invent System to Control and Quarantine Worms Attacking Computer Networks, Penn State Live (02/08/07)
  • Miklau Awarded CAREER Grant to Study Privacy, Accountability, University of Massachusetts Amherst (02/05/07)
  • High Security for $100 Laptop, Wired News (02/07/07), R. Singel
  • For Computer Scientists Exploring Face Recognition, the Question Is 'Who?', PhysOrg.com (02/07/07), L. Zyga

Δελτίο 60 - 08 Φεβρουαρίου 2007

  • Florida Shifting to Voting System With Paper Trail, New York Times (02/02/07) P. A1; A. Goodnough; C. Drew
  • UIC Team Ready to Get Medieval on Spammers, Chicago Sun-Times (01/31/07) P. 64; S. Guy
  • Project Analyzes Internet Security, The State News (01/29/07), K. Jourdan
  • 'A Sense of Security, The Engineer Online (01/30/07)
  • Demo '07 Conference Showcases Encrypted Messaging, Inkless Printing, InformationWeek (02/01/07), T. Claburn
  • Research Aims to Detect Online Terrorist Activity, CSO Online (01/07), D. Daniel
  • Study Finds Security Flaws on Web Sites of Major Banks, New York Times (02/05/07) P. C3; Β. Stone
  • Quantum Cryptography Offers Spy-Proof Code, IT World Canada (02/01/07), Ν. Arellano
  • Schneier: In Touch With Security's Sensitive Side, Dark Reading (02/01/07), Κ. Higgins

Δελτίο 59 - 01 Φεβρουαρίου 2007

  • NIST Announces Competition for New Cryptographic Hash Algorithm, Network World (01/23/07)
  • Cyberthreat Experts to Meet at Secretive Conference, CNet (01/22/07), J. Evers
  • The Secret to Secure Code - Stop Repeating Old Mistakes, Between the Lines (Blog) (01/16/07), D. Farber
  • 'Storm Worm' Trojan Horse Surges On, CNet (01/22/07), Τ. Espiner
  • UMass Scientist's Program Combats Hackers, Massachusetts Daily Collegian (01/29/07), Μ. Osorio
  • Olde Fashioned Legal Loopholes Allow Rigging of Hi-Tech Elections, VoteTrustUSA (01/30/07), H. Stanislevic; J. Washburn
  • A Lively Market, Legal and Not, for Software Bugs, New York Times (01/30/07) P. A1; B. Stone
  • New York Halts E-Voting Machine Testing, Computerworld (01/29/07), M. Songini
  • FBI Turns to Broad New Wiretap Method, CNet (01/30/07), D. McCullagh
  • New UNH Model Measures Cyber Threat, Foster's Daily Democrat (NH) (01/26/07), T. Kressler
  • Tech's Dark Potential Troubles Terror Expert, Mercury News (01/29/07), F. Davies

Δελτίο 58 - 25 Ιανουαρίου 2007

  • Ethics Dilemma in Killer Bots, The Australian (01/16/07) P. 29; P. Argy
  • Interview With Bill Cheswick, Security Focus (01/15/07), F. Biancuzzi
  • Computer Privacy in Distress, Wired News (01/17/07), J. Granick
  • Making Every E-Vote Count, IEEE Spectrum (01/07) Vol. 44, No. 1, P. 13; S. Cherry
  • Advisory Council Seeks Tighter Cyber Security Net, GovExec.com (01/16/07), J. Marino
  • Linux Guru Argues Against Security Liability, ZDNet Australia (01/19/07), T. Espiner
  • Congress Lights Fire Under Vote Systems Agency, InternetNews.com (01/19/07), M. Hickins
  • Nordic Researchers Aim for Multiprotocol Multisensor RFID Tag, RFID Journal (01/19/07), R. Wessel
  • Interview: Must-Know Security Insights for 2007, Business 2.0 (01/07) Fortt, Jon
  • Brain Activity Provides Novel Biometric Key, New Scientist (01/16/07), W. Knight

Δελτίο 57 - 18 Ιανουαρίου 2007

  • Daylight Sought for Data Mining, Washington Post (01/11/07) P. D3; E. Nakashima; A. Klein
  • Computer Security: Adapt or Die, Computerworld (01/08/07), G. Anthes
  • How to Leak a Secret and Not Get Caught, New Scientist (01/12/07), P. Marks
  • Of Cyber Wars and Turf Wars, National Journal (01/06/07) Vol. 39, No. 1, P. 38; B. Swindell
  • The Legal Tangles of Data Collection, Washington Post (01/16/07) P. A9; E. Nakashima
  • A DVD Copy Protection Is Overcome by Hackers, New York Times (01/17/07) P. C4; B. Stone
  • Officials Warm to Paper Trail to Verify Votes in Maryland, Washington Post (01/17/07) P. B1; L. Rein
  • Malware Creators Turn Code Protection Technique to Their Advantage, ITBusiness.ca (01/09/07), P. Khanna
  • Digital Fingerprints, Science News (01/13/07) Vol. 171, No. 2, P. 26; J. Rehmeyer

Δελτίο 56 - 12 Ιανουαρίου 2007

  • Citing Problems, US Bars Lab From Testing Electronic Voting, New York Times (01/04/07) P. A1; C. Drew; I. Urbina
  • Watch & Learn, Baltimore Sun (01/05/07) P. 1D; F. Roylance
  • Open-Source Personal Tracking System Gets First Test, IDG News Service (01/02/07), N. Gohring
  • Predicting the Top Security Threats for 2007, TechNewsWorld (12/30/06), J. LeClaire
  • Changes in e-Voting Likely Coming, Experts Say, IDG News Service (01/05/07), G. Gross
  • Attack of the Zombie Computers Is a Growing Threat, Experts Say, New York Times (01/07/07) P. 1; J. Markoff
  • The Logic of Privacy, Economist (01/04/07)
  • CMU Professor Investigates Vote, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review (01/09/07), R. Amen
  • Spafford Leads as Computer Advisor, Scholar, Purdue Exponent (01/10/07), A. Thomas
  • Researchers: Hack Will Help Kill HD DVD Copy Protection, IDG News Service (01/08/07), R. McMillan

Δελτίο 55 - 05 Ιανουαρίου 2007

  • Computer Warming a Privacy Risk, Wired News (12/29/06), Q. Norton
  • New Program by UMass Amherst Computer Scientist Prevents Crashes and Hacker Attacks, University of Massachusetts Amherst (12/26/06)
  • Cybercrooks Deliver Trouble, Washington Post (12/27/06) P. D1; B. Krebs
  • Lessons for the Mentor, CIO Australia (12/11/06), B. Kunkel
  • Q&A: E-Voting Issues Still There, IDG News Service (01/02/07), G. Gross
  • Privacy, Patents on Agenda for New Congress, IDG News Service (01/01/07), G. Gross